Summer Grasses

I was in a park to use up the rest of the first roll of film through my Cosina CX-2.  I rather liked this one because – well – hmmm.  I think it’s the DOF and interplay of lines by the grasses.

As far as the Cosina goes, I am not sure how much I like or dislike it.  I might like my Trip 35 better for a film point-and-shoot with a fixed lens, as well as the Olympus XA4.

The Cosina is not a “pretty” camera, being boxy and black and totally unattractive to my eye.  Despite that, it really is a handy little camera to dump in your pocket.  The fact that the lens is protected by a turning lens cover makes it better than a snap-on.


Fires in the Sky

Late afternoon not too long ago . . . “Ashes, ashes, we all burn down!” is getting to be more and more of a reality!


This has been – and still is – a summer with heat every day.  Luckily, the nights cool off from 100F to 72F, and the humidity is low.  That is the only good news is that life is bearable.  But, with fires burning everywhere in California, the sky is not blue but yellowish, and the light that comes in has a orangish glow.  Ash is dropping out of the sky.

I haven’t been doing too much of anything for the past several weeks for a lot of reasons, but lately I’ve been struck with the urge to look at some of my pictures differently in post:  I don’t care what they “should” look like, I want them to “express” what I want them to look like!  And this heat is the perfect example of expression.

Taken with a Cosina CX-2, panorama of 9 images, stitched together and cropped in PS6 using Agfa Vista 200 film.


We’ve been spared the blazing fires so far this summer.  Up north, further east, flames are rocketing through dried out forests and neighborhoods.  I think two fires were caused by arsonists.  Still, our temperatures have been nearly impossible – many days over 100F – and the air conditioner is the only thing that keeps heat exhaustion from become deadlier than it already is.

This is from the first roll of film out of a new-to-me Cosina CX-2.

A Tangle of Yellow

I went for a hike the other day at noon.  Silly thing to do in the heat!  Still, it was a great thing to do, moving from watery creeks to woodland and then into the heat of the chaparral.  Shade became a goal after a point, and under a tree I found this lovely bush.  No idea what it is, but it was quite lovely.


I love the idea of an arbor with vines – grape especially – to hide from the hot sun.  This is up at the local botanical garden, and every year the vine is pruned back, and every year it returns with leaves and grapes and a place to rest.