Mass shooting, fires to the east and to the west. My husband took this whilst out on a walk with the dogs.


Across the Room

I have had a roll of Rollei 25 RPX in the Olympus Trip 35 for over a year.  Finally finished it up.  At iso 25, this film requires bright light along with a steady hand.  A lot of the time I had neither.  Out of a roll of 36, maybe 5-7 are any good.  I think this one is one of my favorites – it has people in it!  Most of my pictures do not – so this is a rare occasion on this end!



I’m of two thoughts about hibiscus flowers. No fragrance, often ants are in them, not a good cut flower. On the other hand, the bushes are so cheerful and come in so many colors and sizes, they add a lot to a garden. As a photographic subject, done right, they have a lot to offer as far as shape, texture, and shadow.


Fremontia, BW

More post-production playing.

In a way, just devoting some time to playing with a color image and converting it to black and white is a very educational experience.  For instance, many times with black and white film and no filter, everything gets lost – it’s all the same as far as the film goes.

Here, a digital image of a fremontia, a low-growing bush found in California, with bright yellow flowers, gives way to a rather lovely black and white image (at least I think so!) when properly manipulated.  Filters are necessary for good b&w, but here, just a few mouse clicks, some home-made or pre-made presets, and off you go!

I am currently going through my archives and looking at yellow things – how well do they change into mono?