Yesterday the FT-1 attachment for the Nikon 1 arrived. This allows the attachment of F-mount lenses – Nikon and 3rd party – to be used with the Nikon 1. Given that the crop factor is 2.7, my 55mm Elicar Macro becomes a 148mm equivalent. This morning I went out and took a picture of a white rose, the Pope John Paul II, a fragrant, lovely rose. Handheld, manual focus.


Rose Garden a la Brenizer

Rose Garden

This is my first attempt at creating a stitched image using the Brenizer method. Altogether, 37 pictures were taken, using a Nikon D7000, 85mm f1.8G lens, and manual settings at 1/125, f1.8, 100 iso.

This method is also called a “bokeh panorama” – to learn more about the technique, just google it!

Because this is a “bokeh panorama” the DOF is shallow.  I didn’t have a model, so just used a corner of my house to do this first attempt.  The midline area of the roses are what was in focus, and the rest is outside that plane, front and back.  Not a great picture, but the goal was to try it.

Anyway, 37 pictures at 16.xx megapixels is huge, so, using only the jpegs, I reduced all 37 images to 1000 pixels along the long edge before moving all of them, via LR5, to CS6, using the “merge to panorama” in the edit option of LR, and then letting CS6 automatically do its thing. Some post processing and cropping to create a final, usable image.