Serendipitous Bee

Mr. Bee

One of my favorite flowers is the fremontodendron californicum, a small scrubby bush that blossoms with beautiful yellow flowers in the spring.  I took this picture from some distance, trying to capture the flower.  Much to my surprise, I also got an unseen (to my eyes at the distance) bee.

Red Rose

Rose (1 of 1)

Another image taken on film. I believe this one is with my Nikon FM2N. If so, this camera is in bad need of a CLA, as the pressure plate in the camera seems to have left marks on the film. Using noise reduction in LR, I got rid of most of them, along with a ton of spots. Lens is (I think) a 50mm f1.4 AIS.

The Nest Builder

The Nest Builder

I wish I had grabbed my camera sooner. Too big for the little tree, looking for twigs for his nest, it was quite funny to watch him hopping from branch to unsteady branch, all the while hanging on to the twig he wanted to take! Taken out of my studio window, through the screen.