Pine Cone

Pine Cone

Used to hardwood forests, pine trees, pine cones, evergreens, and non-deciduous plants still seem miraculous, more so in snowy areas.  In California, plants for the most part retain their leaves throughout the year but become a dusky color.  We also have pine trees, native and imported.  Seldom do we find pine cones that are as grand as this one, nearly a foot long, and not chomped up as a tasty treat by the local squirrel gourmands.


2 thoughts on “Pine Cone

  1. Wow a foot long! Ours are about 3 inches 🙂 I have several strung up in the garden, they close up in cold weather and open up in warm. It’s a beautiful study of one.

    • Pine cones are amazing things . . . one year, my sister harvested the pine nuts from the pinon trees on her property, and sent me a boatful!

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