To the Rescue


A few weeks ago when I was in a local open space, fire trucks and and ambulances were in the parking lot and along the street.  Someone hiking had passed out or had been injured – I never found out the whole story.  The park was not closed, so in I went.  I heard the noise of a helicopter nearby.  Deep in the canyon below came this medivac helicopter, a small craft capable of navigating in narrow canyons.  It moved so quickly I was lucky to get this shot.


Christmas Berries


Christmas berries – also known as Toyon – is a California plant with bright, red edible berries which are good in apple pie.  ‘Tis the season to see them!

Prickly Love and Some Thoughts


First, I really enjoy the prickly pear cacti in my neighborhood – that is, as long as I don’t fall into a patch.  Their paddle-shaped stems (the thorns are the leaves) often show up heart-shaped, and in season bear beautiful flowers which become the pear.  After all our rains, I can hardly wait to see what the trails nearby have to offer.

Thoughts:  Fraggie suggested a weekly post on the monthly subject.  I will give it a shot for every Monday.  That I think I can do without feeling depressed about my project and without feeling pressure from lack of time.  My workday yesterday was out of the house at 8:00 a.m. and home at 7:30 p.m.  I think you can see why time is not always available!


Reality is Setting In! and A Tree at Sunset


Well, the fact is, I am way too busy and far too short of time to do this proposed 365 project.  So, instead of doing a 365, I am just going to go back to looking at things and taking pictures of what I like.  I’ve been quite unhappy with my inability to commit to the project . . . I seldom quit anything I start.

So, here is a tree, which is something I enjoyed photographing very much.