A Scattering of Petals


A morning spent – well spent – in one of my favorite places in L.A.:  The Huntington Gardens.  Spring is in evidence everywhere, flowers and trees in bloom, and everyone out enjoying a cold, sunny day after days of rain.

Pano of 32 images, taken with the Nikon Df and 85mm f1.8G lens.




Along the creek, old and new mingle.

Mushrooms in the Mud


The other day, record-breaking rain.  Today and yesterday, a break from it; tomorrow more is due.  I went out to the local park, to survey the differences, and just get out of the house.  And these are what I found, barely 2 inches tall!  I rolled around here and there, on my side, upside down, on my stomach, and came home with a few good shots and very, very muddy clothes.



In the last 24 hours we got 4 inches / 10 cm rain.  This was taken last Saturday.  I should get out today to see how the same creek is looking . . . we actually had to pump out the back yard with a submersible pump and hose as the water was creeping over the patio.  Terra Firma in our neck of the world has a lot of clay, and the result is poor drainage, made even poorer, in our case, by too many impervious walls.  Overall, we are fine, but when a storm like the ones we are having hits, flooding and catastrophe follow.



As with many seasonal creeks, the height of water comes and goes, depending on the rainfall.  To prevent erosion, boulders have been dropped alongside the creek, which helps keep overflow contained as the stream wends its way to Paradise Falls a few miles away.

Again, the Nikon Df with the Vivitar Series 1 135mm f2.3 lens.



I’ve pulled out a few old lenses.  This is a Vivitar 30-80mm from the 70s.  I took this checking out the focus, to remember how to use it, as well as check for lens creep.  Knowing all these helps when out shooting.  This lens has lens creep, but it is a really sweet lens to use, with film or digital.  Pure happenstance occurred when I took this – I was focusing on the ridges in this shawl, and didn’t see the notebook next to the folds.  Only when I saw the picture did I realize the coincidence.

Creek, ii


This is a view of the little creek that runs through our neighborhood park.  It’s a pleasant place to wander.  When I went there this weekend, a border collie was doing what they do best – running and plopping in the water, staying submerged, and then shaking it all out.  A family was there, exploring and showing their toddlers the crayfish.  (I think the dad was the funniest – a big little boy!)  I was enjoying myself, being an audience to it all, while finding new growth, leaves, and viewing a magnificent sky filled with clouds.

I did post in LR and OnOne, using a VSCO preset for Fuji Astia in the final rinse (so to speak.)