Please Be Seated

This is a doozy of a pano – about 40 – taken with the Df and the 70-300 Tamron.  I used MS’s Image Composition Editor.  It does a really good job, much faster the Photoshop.  Click on the image a couple of times to see the detail and size of this picture – and I reduced it substantially from the original pano!

This particular bench is a favorite of mine, both to photograph and to plop down upon to survey the world around me.


Yet Another Tree

I don’t live in a very exciting city, with high rises and fascinating places to go.  Little if any long history, with conquistadors and religious wars and so on.  Rather, I live in a place where suburbs exist, farm land and ranches are nearby, and the open spaces are places of refuge from long work days.  Although I was born in Chicago, most of my life has been spent in rural areas and small towns.  Today, I live in the biggest town since I was born, with 127,000 population, but it was designed to include 30% of it being reserved for open space.  How lucky am I?  Pretty darn lucky!


I have a small batch of ever-expanding freesias in my front yard.  Every spring, there they are.  Using Velvia 100 slide film, these are the results.  Today, the flowers are gone, but their leaves remain behind, returning the nutrients to the bulbs for next year.

Sunrise in Lavender

Yesterday, after waiting about 3 weeks for the local lab to return to me, I got my first roll of Fuji Velvia 100 film back.  Velvia is a slide film and requires specific chemicals known as E-6 to be processed.  I was asked if I wanted it cross-processed, but I said nay.  The reason for slide film is . . . because it is slide film (though I do plan to try it with Agfa’s slide film).

I ended up scanning the images on my Epson V600 scanner, at 48 bit and 2400 dpi resolution.  I don’t know if the scans or the film were dirty, but I had a lot of clean-up to do.

There are more pictures ahead, some panos as well, and so far, I like the colors, though they may be a bit off – dunno!

Technical specs:  Nikon F100, Nikon 24-85mm f2.8-4 D, post in OnOne 10 and LR 6.


I was caught by the abundance of green and yellow . . . this is a panorama which I think could be done better by focusing on the flowers and using a smaller aperture to create a better DOF.

Little Friend

The local botanical garden is filled with new growth.  Vines, trees, shrubs, bulbs are in bloom.  Birds and lizards and coyotes are to be seen, and the squirrels are fatter than fat.  I was walking home from my visit when a rustling caught my ear . . . this guy was just bopping around within feet of me, and luckily I could get his portrait before he flew off to explore new territory.  This is a Dark-eyed Junco.