A Tangle of Yellow

I went for a hike the other day at noon.  Silly thing to do in the heat!  Still, it was a great thing to do, moving from watery creeks to woodland and then into the heat of the chaparral.  Shade became a goal after a point, and under a tree I found this lovely bush.  No idea what it is, but it was quite lovely.



I love the idea of an arbor with vines – grape especially – to hide from the hot sun.  This is up at the local botanical garden, and every year the vine is pruned back, and every year it returns with leaves and grapes and a place to rest.

Bearded Iris – Film

I finally had time to scan my film I shot last weekend up at the botanical garden.  I have just recently picked up an Olympus OM-4T.  To see if it worked, I used it completely on auto mode, essentially aperture priority.  It worked really well!  The film is an old standby, Ultramax 400, which is a pretty nice, inexpensive color negative film.  I pushed a bit here and there in post, but the beauty of the film always comes through.