Along Potrero Trail

I’ve been rather busy painting and drawing, and keep meaning to get out the camera along with the pen and ink and colors and paper.  As well as that, I keep looking for things to draw, and this is where having about 20 years of digital photos is pretty nice – and rather overwhelming!  Looking for things to draw prompted me to look through my work.  Some is good, some is bad, as in any creative hobby!  Success varies and ideas of success vary with the time of viewing.


SoCal in Autumn

Even though many parts of SoCal are a deadly brown, many of the plants are imported from areas of the Mediterranean, and many are evergreen.  With a few judicious choices, even the desert we are becoming can have the green of other parts of the world.

Trees & Fog

Another picture from my excursion into a damp and foggy world (a rarity of late here in SoCal where temperatures have been heinously high).  This time, a panorama of about 9 images, cropped and edited a bit.  I used the Df and 24-85 lens.

That morning, the fog was very thick, and even around 9:30 a.m. when I took this, the fog was dense.  Only later did the sun break through.  It was rather eerie to wander alone . . . just a few days from Halloween!


It’s Autumn, cold and chill this week after temps in the 100s F.  Ugh.  The damp and fog are very welcome.  As far as which fits the season of Halloween best, what do you think?  Color or B&W?


Leaves or Petals?

I’ve been a bit off the grid for the last few weeks, focusing a bit on some other things rather than photography.  I actually never thought I would miss out on looking at my photos and taking them – but I do!  I guess I do like photography more than I thought!

These are – I think – bougainvillea flowers, but as they were shot on Kentmere 100 awhile ago, I don’t remember.  Taken with a Nikon FM2n, an Elicar 55mm f2.8 manual-focus macro lens, and, obviously, B&W film.  Another surprise is that I really like the quality of image with the Kentmere.  Ya learn something new every day.

Morning Woodland

The Olympus Trip 35 can be an amazing little camera – as can UltraMax film. Admittedly, I pushed the colors a bit as backlighting can be tricky. This was taken last June on an early morning walk in the neighborhood.